What you can expect during the filming process

Initial Location Enquiry

One of the following will occur:

1. A client would identify your property from our online location database and consider it as a possible option for their location brief

2. We would receive a generic location brief and submit your property as an option

We then liaise with you to arrange a convenient time for one of the production team to come and view the property and have a closer look around. In the film industry this is known as a "recce" (short for reconnaisance). During this visit they often take photographs of your property for future assessment.

2nd Recce

After the initial visit and assessment, if your property is still a viable location option, then quite often a second recce is organised, again at your convenience, where between two and five individuals will be in attendance.

Technical Recce

At this stage the client has decided that they are 90% certain that your property is their preferred location. Every head of department for the client's production - between 5 and 25 people, will be in attendance, depending on the type of shoot. This is where every department assesses how the location will work from their point of view. 


After the technical recce the production will then submit the final proposal to us in writing, which will become the basis of the location hire agreement, for both you and the production company to sign. We will also present you with the insurance documentation for the production and will ensure that you are in possession of any risk assessment/method statement documentation you may require to uphold both parties' insurance requirements.

The Hire Period

Preparation / Dress

This is where the production are permitted a restricted number of personnel on the premises to make previously agreed cosmetic alterations to their areas of location hire, in keeping with the hire agreement. This period can range from half a day to four weeks. However, for most residential properties the average "dress" period would be around 1 day if at all.


These are the busiest days. The location manager, or a designated representative, will be on site to aid the film production in achieving its objectives whilst working within the terms of the location hire agreement. 

Reinstatement / "Strike" Period

This is the same as the "dress" period but in reverse. The same team return to the property to reinstate everything to an agreed state or its original condition - whatever has been agreed prior to the location hire taking place. Once you confirm that you are satisfied, we will return the deposit to the production and then we start work on the next hire...